12 Kilometers

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12 Kilometers

Written/Directed by Mike Pecci

12 Kilometers is a true edge-of-your-seat film, dragging you down to the darkest depths of the human psyche, while taking you on a beautiful ride through director Mike Pecci’s nightmare. The film serves as a prologue and proof of concept for a feature film that Pecci wrote while in intensive care suffering from a massive head injury. Early last year, when attempting to ice skate for the first time, he slipped and cracked open his skull. A massive blood clot formed around his brain causing hallucinations and nightmares, Pecci dreamed of a creature that could control your inner voice. Two weeks later he wrote the script for a first film in a horror franchise. One month later he was starting production on the prologue…this film. All the FX and visuals for 12KM were shot in-camera, and biologist and micro photographer Linden Gledhill filmed the creature FX on sets no larger than the surface of a dime. The film is in Russian dialect to immerse the audience a reality that is based on the actual events at the Kola Borehole in Russia. Imagine if Spielberg, Carpenter, and Lynch teamed up to direct an episode of X-files and created a fresh new look for horror.

28 minutes

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