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Written by C.K. McKenzie; Directed by John Danvoye; Produced by Christian Parton

A darkly funny story about one girl’s efforts to find a place to call home, but house hunting is deadly serious business.

10 minutes

The Skyship Chronicles

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Written by Jeff Zampino; Directed by Christian Cashmir; Produced by Jeff Zampino, Christian Cashmir

Set in Ireland, 1895 in a steampunk fantasy world. When Molly Madigan’s grandfather is killed by his partner, Gustav and his inventions stolen, Molly begins a quest to take back what is rightfully hers.

Twenty years later, in Wichita, Kansas, an unwitting postal clerk discovers a mysterious box containing the Potestatum, Molly’s grandfather’s most powerful invention. But, after many long years of hunting for the Potestatum, Gustav is hot on the trail. He tracks down Molly, and a battle for the ultimate weapon ensues.

17 minutes

2014 Film Festival Awards

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The Dragon Con Independent Film Festival awards ceremony took place on Monday, September 1st. Clips were shown from each of three finalists in the categories of Action, Animated Comedy, Animated Fantasy, Animated Science Fiction, Animated Surrealism, Comedy, Dark Comedy, Documentary, Fan Film, Fantasy, Horror, Horror Comedy, Science Fiction, Thrillers, as well as Feature. The finalists, as well as the winners, are listed below. Best Animated Short and Best Short Film were chosen from the 1st place winners in the genre shorts categories.  An Honorable Mention was given to a film that, due to particularly intense competition, did not place first in its category. The Spirit of Dragon Con was awarded to a film that embodied the overall essence of both the film festival and the convention.  This was a juried competition.

Best Short Film: Curio Shop: A Post Apocalyptic Acid Western Best Animated Film: Lessons Learned Honorable Mention: Recursion Spirit of Dragon Con: Of Dice and Men


1st Place: Curio Shop: A Post Apocalyptic Acid Western Mack Blaster – The World in the Crosshairs The Hunting

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Monkey Rag Bless You Fog of Courage

Animated Fantasy

1st Place: Lessons Learned In The Beginning Country of Wolves

Animated Science Fiction

1st Place: The Looking Planet Doctor Puppet: A Timelord Christmas Terraformin’

Animated Surrealism

1st Place: Leviathan Ages Hitori Collectors


1st Place: Logan Must Make Star Wars Star Drunk Losers

Dark Comedy

1st Place: The Lord of Catan Alejandrito and the Boogie Man M is For Mobile


1st Place: Rise of the eSports Hero

Fan Film

1st Place: Grayson: Earth One Batman Evolution Ruins and Reckoning


1st Place: Portal Jonah Cassandra


1st Place: Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse Butterfly Dust The Jigsaw

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Clean Break Ghosting Tasha and Friends

Science Fiction

1st Place: The Developer Recursion Into the Dark


1st Place: Dog I Owe You Job Interview

Feature Film

1st Place: Drew: The Man Behind the Poster Of Dice and Men Time Lapse

The Hunting

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Directed by Emmanuel Fricero; Produced by Emmanuel Fricero, Alexandre Fricero; Written by Emmanuel Fricero, Loïc Landrau

Directed by Emmanuel Fricero; Produced by Emmanuel Fricero, Alexandre Fricero; Written by Emmanuel Fricero, Loïc Landrau

Trapped in an abandoned house, this stranger has no chance. Armed and masked men begin to besiege the building. Who are they? What do they want him? There’s no turning back, the target will have to fight to save his life…

8 minutes

Mack Blaster—The World in the Crosshairs

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Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Directed by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Produced by Sebastian Utech, René Schweitzer; Written by René Schweitzer

Sometime in a distant, apocalyptic future, the brutal, inhuman bounty hunter Mack Blaster stumps through the bleak desert. On a stonewall he discovers the wanted poster of the worst women slaughterer of all time: Ringo “The Butcher.” Hunting down Ringo is a matter of honor for Mack Blaster, or whatever comes close to honor for him. His way leads him to the down-and-out capital city, through biker gangs, and into a whorehouse, always bathed in blood. So much blood. Really, you will not believe all the blood. Honest.

18 minutes

The Country of Wolves

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Directed by Neil Christopher; Produced by Louise Flaherty

Directed by Neil Christopher; Produced by Louise Flaherty

The Country of Wolves (Amaqqut Nunaat) is a traditional Inuit story about two brothers who find themselves adrift on broken sea ice while out hunting for seal. They drift in the darkness for many days, until the ice they are on settles on the shore of a strange and distant land. The hunters begin to look for landmarks or people to help them find their way back home.

Eventually, they come to a camp and the two brothers split up to find help. The younger brother goes to the large communal igloo, where music and merriment can be heard. The older brother walks to a small igloo at the edge of the camp. Here he finds a strange old woman who is surprised to see him. She identifies him as human and tells him that he is in the Country of Wolves. She warns him of danger, but says it is too late for his brother. From this land, almost no one returns…

11 minutes

The Dark

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The Dark

Written/Directed by Justin P. Lange; Produced by Florian Kruegel & Mira El-Koussa

Mina is a young monster who stalks the roads of a quiet mountainside, hunting travelers as they attempt to pass through and killing them with her deadly black eyes. One morning, after she finishes killing and devouring one of her victims, she is startled to find, hiding in the trunk of the victim’s car—Alex, a kidnapped and abused young boy whose eyes have been sewn shut.

16 min

The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell

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Written By Kelly Young-Silverman, Michael H. Harper; Directed By David Marshall Silverman; Produced by Kelly Young-Silverman, David Marshall Silverman

Trapped by routine and responsibility, Terrell and Nancy Howell find themselves going through the motions of everyday life. Having grown accustomed to a mundane lifestyle and stagnant marriage, Terrell and Nancy live life together and yet completely alone.  But It only takes one act of randomness to change all this. Their tedious existence is forever altered when middle-aged Terrell finds Joy, a seductive young woman who reignites his passion. Sensing something is wrong, Nancy soon finds herself hunting down her wayward husband in an attempt to discover the truth. What Nancy finds is something she could never have imagined.

25 min

Zombie Hunters

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Writer/Director: Christopher Baker; Producers: Adam McIver, Christopher Baker.

A reality show camera crew follows four friends one night as they go hunting for zombies in their small town of Troy, North Carolina. Riding around in their pickup truck, drinking beer, and engaging in unexpected existential and religious debates, the hunters find their idea of a fun night going quickly awry once they locate their quarry of the undead.

13 min

Animated American

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Writer: Tim Talbott; Director: James Baker & Joe Haidar; Producer: Susan Cohen

The future is about to collide with the past. Eric, a digital-loving executive on a mansion hunting expedition finds himself crossing swords with his realtor, Max, an out of work toon rabbit. Like it or not, Max will make Eric see things through the eyes of an “Animated American.”

15 min

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