Short Films: 2011

Space: The Bunny Frontier

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Directed by Jerry Fuchs

Exploring space is a dangerous occupation, especially if you are a bunny!

1 min

Spoiled Rotten

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Written by J. Alan Peeples & Kelli D. Meyer; Directed/Produced by J. Alan Peeples

What happens to a normal, happy family when a zombie attack leaves 4-year-old Tommy craving human flesh? A headshot with the family rifle would finish it, and his father wants to do just that, but his mother can’t bear to face the end of Tommy’s existence. As Tommy decomposes, his mother’s sanity wastes away as well. Just how far will a mother go to hold onto her son?

16 min

Star Wars: Blasted Behavior

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Written by Alexander Galant & Carmen Gillespie; Directed by Alexander Galant; Produced by D. Kirk Teeple & Alexander Galant

Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Yoda are brought together for their greatest challenge… a group therapy session. To psychologist, Dr. Aldridge, their actions in the original Star Wars trilogy seem… crazy. Each of them has unresolved issues and soon tempers flare and lightsabers ignite.

9 min

Sudden Death

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Written/Directed by Adam Hall; Produced by Melanie Hall & Nick Jones

Nathan Carlson, creator of a drug that allows one to experience love without the dangers of involving other people, finds himself caught in the middle of an outbreak when Los Angeles is infected with Sudden Death Syndrome – a disease that causes death suddenly and whose only symptoms are spontaneously bursting into song and dance. Nathan quickly joins the cure research team where he meets Rachel and Jonathan (Doug Jones), and they rush to find a cure for the disease. In between uncontrollable bouts of song, Nathan unravels a conspiracy involving a high ranking military official (John Larroquette), falls in love, and attempts to save Los Angeles from sudden death… as the city turns into a real life musical all around him.

19 min


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Written by Aaron Au & Kimani Ray Smith; Directed by Kimani Ray Smith; Produced by Aaron Au, Dylan Thomas Collingwood, & Kimani Ray Smith

Kidnapped professional fighter, Logan O’Connor is thrown into an underground fighting tournament where the losers are served up for dinner. In order to save himself from the cannibals, Logan must fight his way out of Hell’s Kitchen or become the evening’s main course.

18 min

Tepan Dead

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Written/Directed by Hillary B. Lavin; Produced by Tara K. Clark

Hiro Watanabe has the soul of a Samurai warrior. There’s only one problem: he was born 500 years too late. On the other side of the world. Life as a Teppanyaki chef in America is far from the heroic life Hiro imagines for himself. He makes do, envisioning his knives as Samurai swords, honing his skills with a blade. His dreams are routinely crushed by Dean, a snarky busboy working at the same restaurant. But tonight, all this will change. Tonight, Hiro will prove himself as he goes head to head with the walking dead!

7 min


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Written by Olufemi S. Sowemimo; Directed by Anthony McHie; Produced by Anthony McHie, Bola Mustapha, Sue-Ellen Chitunya

Laugh, explores unemployed stand-up comedian Jeremy Keane as his world comes crashing down around him in an apocalyptic end. While fighting to retain his humanity, what does our young hero choose to speak about when he hits the record button on his trusty camera?

18 min

The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus

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Directed by Marius Herzog

Since the time nobody knows, night by night, Mr. Rêvus prepares the dreams of mankind. In his nightly routine, one momentous mistake happens to him which is the dawn of an adventure. The story tells about friendship, hope, and how our dream world can go to pieces by accident.

12 min

Thijs and the Ladies: Barbara

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Written by Yfke van Berckelaer; Directed by Joris van den Berg; Produced by Sanne Cousijn & Camiel Zwart

Thijs and the Ladies’ is a series about Thijs, a guy who’s not so good with girls, but he keeps trying. He’s at it again, and he hasn’t learned a thing.

2 min

Thijs and the Ladies: Eveline

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Written/Directed by Joris van den Berg; Produced by Sanne Cousijn & Camiel Zwart

Thijs and the Ladies is a series about Thijs, a guy who’s not so good with girls, but he keeps trying. His meeting with Eveline is none-to-good for him or Eveline.

2 min

Thijs and the Ladies: Stefanie

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Written by Chris Kok; Directed by Joris van den Berg; Produced by Sanne Cousijn & Camiel Zwart

Thijs and the Ladies’ is a series about Thijs, a guy who’s not so good with girls, but he keeps trying. But the only thing worse than him hitting on a girl, is when a girl hits on him.

2 min

Time’s Up, Eve

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Written by Patrick Rea & Jon Niccum; Directed by Patrick Rea; Produced by Patrick Rea, Ryan Jones, & Jon Niccum

In the 1940s, Eve flees shadowy figures in the bleak metropolis where she has been surviving since they first arrived. Though now among the hunted, Eve is one of the lucky few to have avoided being dealt a dark fate by her pursuers. “It’s amazing how little is left after someone loses their soul,” she explains. “They feel nothing. No pain. No joy. Emptiness.” Vowing she won’t end up like the others, Eve attempts a daring escape from the city, armed with the one thing that still gives her life hope.

13 min

Triplets (Mitsugo)

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Written/Directed/Produced by Tomoya Sato

Hana, Tsuki and Yume are identical triplet sisters. Living apart from each other, they are brought back together when Yume falls into a coma. Tsuki gives up all to stay by her sister’s hospital bed. Hana arrives for the expressed purpose of working out what to do with Yume, who no longer has any chance of recovery. Instead, the three have a most unusual conversation.

20 min

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