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Written/Directed by Nida Manzoor; Produced by Nell Green

Cleo is just your average, unusually named, schoolgirl, who regains consciousness to find herself lying flat on the ground with no memory of who she is. She quickly knows she’s in trouble when she is confronted by Daisy, the school bully, who makes mysterious demands and issues a cryptic ultimatum.

What follows is a schoolgirl-James-Bond-style race against time, in which our heroine ascends the school building floor by floor, defeating foes, on her way to discovering who she is and what she must do.

14 minutes

Anita’s Birthday Wish

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Written/Directed by Talisa Oberoi; Produced by Nicole Behrens

Anita wants to do something fun on her 25th birthday: she wants to smoke her first joint. Her sister Joanna doesn’t take her seriously until Anita involves her nephew Simon, but it rapidly gets complicated. Hey, there’s got to be a way for an upstanding school teacher to score some weed.

12 minutes

I am Pedro (Yo Soy Pedro)

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Written/Directed/Produced by Jordan Inconstant

In 1977, Banks and MacKenzie, two American cops, meet an alien. The policemen think that it is a Hollywood actor disguised as an alien, and decided to bring him back to a movie set.

11 minutes

Office Romance

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Written/Produced by Jason Fong; Directed by Dennis Glasco

Eric and Emily are more than just coworkers. After hours, they rendezvous in an office cubicle for some extra-curricular activities of the amorous kind. Things get a little tense and testy when Emily reveals her thoughts about Eric’s “equipment.” Eric doesn’t take it too well. Emily, relying on her feminine charms, does her best to reassure him while trying to convince him he ought to be a little more open-minded about his techniques.

6 minutes

Stories of Alyx and Anton

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Written/Directed by Calum Smith, Produced by Calum Smith, Melinda See

When daydreaming computer nerd Anton meets beautiful, quadriplegic Alyx, the two depart their bleak real worlds for a lively one of fantasy and adventure. But can two people lost in a fairy tale ever make it in reality? A menagerie of charming mythical characters and settings makes a visually imaginative spectacle of this heartwarming romantic comedy.

15 minutes

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