Disturbed Comedies


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Directed & Written by Oriol Cardus; Producered by Gerard Casas

Julian, a hired killer with many jobs behind him, is forced, due to an unexpected request, to rethink his life and the value it gives to the lives of others.

18 minutes

The Amazing Rondini

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Written by Peter Moller & Jared Hirsch; Directed by Jared Hirsch; Produced by Jon Gewirtzman

A tragically awful magician who is willing to do anything for greatness.

16 minutes

Bad Guy #2

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Written/Directed by Chris McInroy; Produced by Ben Steinbauer, Veronica Leon

In this practical-effects driven splatter comedy one bad guy discovers that moving up in a crime ring has its downsides. Just as his new career starts, it might already be coming to an end. He’ll either have to set an example or become one.

10 minutes

The Bloodline

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Written/Directed by Joe Buscemi; Produced by Joe Buscemi, Dominic Buscemi

In a comic book world of crime and betrayal, an ambitious gangster angles to take the top job from the greatest mobster alive: his own father.

12 minutes

Directors on Directing

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Written/directed/Produced by Damien Patrik

Pompous filmmakers, puppy dogs, nudity and gore. Who could ask for anything more? 3 successful filmmakers explain the REAL secrets to their success.

4 minutes

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