Fantasy: Fairytale Creatures & Magical Secrets

T is for Tada

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Written/Directed by Christopher Baker; Produced by Juli Emmons

Three young friends stumble upon an old magician when one friend decides to rob him.

20 minutes

The Wish & The Wisp

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Written/Directed by Vashmere Valentine; Produced by Taviana Frazier

Two bickering siblings learn the true value of friendship and the magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back!

16 minutes


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Directed by Mike Jackson; Written by Peter New; Produced by Roz Young, Avi Glanzer, Rory W. Tucker

A man made of wood and a woman with secrets connect online, sharing truths that break them out of the cages of lies that have imprisoned them.

17 minutes

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