We Summoned A Demon

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Written/Directed by Chris McInroy; Produced by Kris Phipps

They just wanted to be cool. Instead, they got a demon.

6 minutes

Who to Love

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Written by Michael Kuya; Directed by Rommel Andaya; Produced by RAWMIX Productions

In the near future, a couple goes on another date to see if they are right for each other. Adam, a male in his early 30’s, meets his date, Tracy, a young single mother of one, in a nice restaurant. They have a pleasant dinner, which leads to drinks at a bar. However, a part of Tracy’s past comes up in conversation. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman has been following their every move and everything is revealed when they all meet back at Tracy’s house.

10 minutes


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Written by: Gabby Capili, Aram Sarkisian; Directed by Aram Sarkisian

Fevered letters—that recount a man’s hatred for his neighbor—offer a window into the Winston’s descent into Poe-inspired madness.

6 minutes

The Wish & The Wisp

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Written/Directed by Vashmere Valentine; Produced by Taviana Frazier

Two bickering siblings learn the true value of friendship and the magic of believing, when they find a real wish and encounter the menacing creature who wants it back!

16 minutes


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Directed by Mike Jackson; Written by Peter New; Produced by Roz Young, Avi Glanzer, Rory W. Tucker

A man made of wood and a woman with secrets connect online, sharing truths that break them out of the cages of lies that have imprisoned them.

17 minutes

Your Face Global Jam

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Directed/Produced by Ken Mora of Bella Fe Media, LLC

In 1987, Bill Plympton, now heralded as “The King of Indie Animation” was nominated for an Oscar for his debut hand-drawn animated short film “Your Face.”

For 2017, animators around the world came together for the 30th anniversary of that nomination to ‘Jam’ this historic milestone and celebrate his world-wide influence.

4 minutes

Zombie Bites Werewolf

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Written/Produced by Charlie Anderson, Ryan Conrath, & Keith Keal; Directed by Charlie Anderson

In rural Indiana, a hapless werewolf is bitten by a zombie on the day of a full moon, raising a fundamental question for three men: how will the unwashed musk of lycanthrope pair with the overripe fragrance of the undead?

9 minutes


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Written/Directed by Sam K. Hale; Produced by Heather Henson

Events are set in motion when a mysterious Trickster hurls a star through outer space. Nani, a patchwork girl, chases the star to discover a world she’s never set foot upon. In her quest she saves the life of Shojun, a tortoise fisherman and warrior. Together they travel through his surreal, fantastic world to the star’s mountain resting place to discover its secrets.

From turbulent coastal waters to frozen mountains and unknown nether spaces, Yamasong takes the viewer on a fantastic journey filled with stunning live-action Japanese-style puppets in a hybrid world of computer-generated and real objects. Set to the music of On Ensemble, an L.A.-based percussion band, the story is an instrumental and visual metaphor for a journey taken with another across a new cultural landscape, and walking away changed from the experience.

Yamasong is an exciting blend of traditional puppet techniques married with new digital technology. From using green screen to After Effects to the Canon 7D camera, the story aims to create a visual world that is neither purely real or imaginary, but somewhere between and evocative as a place all of its own.

9 min

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