Science Fiction: Robot Love and Clone Replacements


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Written/Directed by Gabriel de Urioste; Produced by Gabriel de Urioste, Tim Wu, Forrest McClain

A young woman goes back to fix a broken relationship with a lost love.

8 minutes

The Replacement

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Written/Directed by Sean Miller; Produced by Naz Khan

On election night 2036, a janitor feels cheated out of a life he might have lived when his own clone becomes the President. He goes on a bender to seek justice, encountering new forms of prejudice, dismissal, and classism. In a society where the morality around cloning is dividing the masses, physically looking like the newly elected President has its own dangers…

17 minutes


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Written by Walt Guthrie; Directed by Matt McGahren; Produced by Matt McGahren, Walt Guthrie

In the not too far-flung future, a middle-aged couple go in to purchase the very latest in erotic technology: a beautiful sex robot that can cater to every physical desire and every emotional need. But is this more-human-than-human simulacrum ultimately destined to be humanity’s slave or its master?

8 minutes

Who to Love

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Written by Michael Kuya; Directed by Rommel Andaya; Produced by RAWMIX Productions

In the near future, a couple goes on another date to see if they are right for each other. Adam, a male in his early 30’s, meets his date, Tracy, a young single mother of one, in a nice restaurant. They have a pleasant dinner, which leads to drinks at a bar. However, a part of Tracy’s past comes up in conversation. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman has been following their every move and everything is revealed when they all meet back at Tracy’s house.

10 minutes

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