Revealing Our 2014 Poster

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DCIFF 2014 PosterThe 2014 Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival poster, created by Candice Broersma.











Dragon Con 2014 Indie Film Festival Official Film List

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Here are our films for 2014. Just the names (info on each film will be up when the gnomes get it all collected).  Ignoring proper alphabetizing standards for “A” and “The”:

A Killer Of Men
Alejandrito And The Boogie Man
All Down Hill
All You Can Eat
Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse
Batman Evolution
Be Better Than Equal
Better The Devil
Bless You
Boome & Slade
Butterfly Dust
Clean Break
Creation & Hope
Curio Shop: A Post Apocalyptic Acid Western
Dark Origins
Dark Roast
Death Has A Son
Desert Road Kill
Doctor Puppet: A Timelord Christmas
Drew: The Man Behind The Poster
Dynamic Venus
Ghost Light
Grayson: Earth One
I Owe You
In The Beginning
Into The Dark
Job Interview
Kepler X-47
Last Round
Lessons Learned
Leviathan Ages
Life Of Zoozle
Little Big Hero
Logan Must Make Star Wars
M Is For Mobile
Mack Blaster – The World In The Crosshairs
Monkey Rag
Not A Single Word
Of Dice And Men
Playing With The Devil
Rise Of The Esports Hero
Ruins And Reckoning
Songs From The Outside
Sovereignty For The Shoemaker
Star Drunk
Tasha And Friends
Tea Time
The Birthday Present
The Country Of Wolves
The Developer
The Fog Of Courage
The Hunting
The Jigsaw
The Looking Planet
The Lord Of Catan
The Sidekick
The Uncanny Valley
Thumbs Up.
Time Lapse
Welcome To Hell
Zombie Socks – Piranha Bowl

Dragon Con Film Festival: Delayed Announcement Date

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We’re busy examining all the submissions we’ve received for 2014, and to give all proper consideration, we’re going to take a little more time. I’m tentatively setting our announce date to June 26.

Final Submission Deadline Approaching – 5/17

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Picture 8

Reminder Regular Submissions End on 4/26

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Picture 6

Just a reminder the Regular Deadline ends tomorrow, 4/26.  However Late Submissions will be accepted thru May 10 (for Mail in Dvds) & May 17th (for WAB online screeners).

Dragon Con Superheroes needs you – Walk to End Lupus Now on 4/26

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Picture 383

Now you can show your support year-round! Dragon Con Superheroes is a community service project team created for our members, volunteers, and staff to expand our charity efforts each year. We want YOU to join us at the Walk to End Lupus Now on 4/26/14 at Piedmont Park. Join our team, raise money*, and make a real difference in the lives of those living with Lupus each day.

There are several ways you can do so:
1.      WALKER:     Join Team Dragon Con and walk with us! *In order to be considered a Dragon Con Superhero (and be entitled to the free t-shirt and exclusive party), walkers on Team Dragon Con must raise a minimum of $50.

2.      VIRTUAL WALKER:     Become a virtual walker and raise money* for Team Dragon Con.  Join Team Dragon Con.

3.      COSTUMED GREETER: Come out and cheer on the walkers as they cross the finish line by showing up in your best Superhero or other “Dragon Conesque” costume.  Sign up for Finish Line duty here.

For more details:

ABOUT THE LUPUS FOUNDATION OF AMERICA  The Lupus Foundation of America is the only national force devoted to solving the mystery of lupus while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. Through a comprehensive program of research, education and advocacy the Lupus Foundation of America leads the fight to improve the quality of life for all people affected by lupus.  Lupus is an unpredictable and potentially fatal autoimmune disease that affects 55,000 Georgians, mostly women aged 18-45, but also men, children and women of all ages.

Regular Submission Deadline – April 26th

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Did you miss our Earlybird deadline?

Don’t worry – just submit by Apr 26th to qualify for our Regular Deadline and discounted rate.

Late Deadline/rates apply: April 27 – May 10th.

For submission instructions visit:

 Picture 363


2013 Dragon Con Alum Short film available online

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If you missed Writer/Director Angus Swantee’s dark comedy “Torturous” at our 2013 festival, you’re in luck…It’s now available for free viewing online at:

For more about the film, revisit:

Dragon Con Film Festival: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS

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The 2014 Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival is open for submissions. The festival begins on August 29th in Atlanta GA.

We focus each year on showcasing the finest independent short films of the fantastic.  We welcome not only Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror films, but any film of the imagination.  This includes Mysteries, Thrillers, Film Noirs, Comedies, Alt Lifestyle, Magical Realism, Surrealistic films, and most dramas, just to name a few, as well as short animated films of all types.  We take narrative shorts as well as documentaries. We also accept a limited number of features.

Reminder Approaching Early Bird Deadline: March 1, 2014
                                                      Regular Deadline: April 26th, 2014

For everything you need to submit, look at

Tweets from 08-23-2013 to 08-29-2013

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The New Trailer for “+1″

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Sunday night at Dragon Con you’ll have a chance to see the new IFC Midnight film, +1. It’s fun. It’s weird. It’s everything you expect from a film at Dragon Con, and this trailer will give you a peek. See it here.

Tweets from 08-16-2013 to 08-22-2013

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Tweets from 08-09-2013 to 08-15-2013

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Tweets from 08-02-2013 to 08-08-2013

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Tweets from 07-26-2013 to 08-01-2013

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Unveiling the 2013 Film Festival Poster

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DCISFF 2013 Poster

DCIFF 2013 Poster

Here’s our official 2013 Dragon Con Independent Film Festival poster, created by the lovely and talented Cassy Gordon.

Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival Announces its 2013 Films

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We are proud to announce our 2013 films:

Short Films

  • “_____” (Insert Superhero Name Here)  (dir: Kevin Shah)
  • 113 Degrees  (dir: Sabrina Doyle)
  • Alice Through The Looking Glass  (dir: Denise Plauche)
  • Antoine And The Heroes  (dir: Patrick Bagot)
  • Apartment 15  (dir: Mattia Puleo)
  • Arkham Rising  (dir: Aristides Guillen)
  • Bait  (dir: Raymond Carr, Jared Young)
  • Blue Division  (dir: Sergi Marti)
  • Brand Expanders – Vaderade  (dir: Matt Green)
  • The Brewmaster  (dir: Mark Mulcahy)
  • Christmas Eve Pet Massacre  (dir: Daniel Whidden)
  • Closing Session  (dir: Raymond Calderon)
  • The Cold Heart  (dir: Hannes Rall)
  • Cold Turkey  (dir: Fannar Thor Arnarsson)
  • A Conversation About Cheating With My Time Travelling Future Self  (dir: Pornsak Pichetshote)
  • Create  (dir: Dan Mackenzie)
  • The Dark  (dir: Justin P. Lange)
  • Day Of The Spectre  (dir: Chris Peters)
  • Dead Of Winter  (dir: Dan Delano)
  • Death Of A Shadow  (dir: Tom Van Avermaet)
  • Feral  (dir: Daniel A Sousa Daniel A Sousa)
  • Fists Of Jesus  (dir: David Muñoz, Adrian Cardona)
  • Franky And The Ant  (dir: Billy Hayes)
  • Freebird  (dir: Dustin Leboeuf)
  • Freeze  (dir: Brian Teague)
  • Girls Named Pinky  (dir: Alex Lubliner)
  • The Gold Sparrow  (dir: Daniel Stessen)
  • Hibakusha  (dir: Steve Nguyen, Choz Belen)
  • Hide N Seek  (dir: Hanuk Lee)
  • House Of Monsters  (dir: Dawn Brown)
  • Iris  (dir: Justin S. Lee)
  • Karl Of The Future  (dir: Nick Reinhard)
  • Keye Luke  (dir: Timothy Tau)
  • Kill Switch  (dir: Michael Chrisoulakis)
  • Killer Kart’  (dir: James Feeney)
  • Kundalini  (dir: V. Alex Marquez)
  • La Bear  (dir: BC Thompson)
  • The League Of S.T.E.A.M. – Dead End  (dir: Andrew Fogel)
  • The Legend Of The Black Dragon  (dir: Girard Tecson)
  • Little Man Of Steel  (dir: Larry Ziegelman)
  • Little Red  (dir: Terry Legan, Lee Crowe)
  • Locked Up  (dir: Jane Eakin)
  • Magic The Gathering The Musical  (dir: Molly Coffee)
  • Man Of Steel Song  (dir: Matthew Campagna)
  • The Meeting  (dir: Karen Lam)
  • Miracle On Metal Street  (dir: Carl Bachmann)
  • Objects Of Desire  (dir: Jim Turner)
  • The Plan  (dir: Daniel Fallik)
  • Poison Apple  (dir: Dane Neves)
  • Polterghost  (dir: Zack Ogle)
  • Posthuman  (dir: Cole Drumb)
  • The Quirk And The Dead  (dir: Ken Macgregor, Brian Lillie)
  • Red Sand: A Mass Effect Fan Film  (dir: Caleb Evans)
  • Restitution  (dir: Justin Miller)
  • Revelation  (dir: Joseph Morgan)
  • Riverside  (dir: Chris Garrison)
  • The Road  (dir: Owen Thomas)
  • The Robbery  (dir: Stan Williams)
  • The Root Of The Problem  (dir: Ryan Spindell)
  • The Rose Of Turaida  (dir: Ryan Grobins)
  • Rose, Mary And Time  (dir: Hardeep Giani)
  • The Secret Keeper  (dir: Bears Fonte)
  • Shelf Life  (dir: Steven Calcote)
  • She’s Having A Baby!  (dir: Robert  Smellin, Chris  Smellin)
  • Shotrocity  (dir: Brian Burroughs)
  • Shtarkers: Tough Guys  (dir: Tony Perzow, R.S. Bailey)
  • The Storm  (dir: Andre Leblanc)
  • Supervised  (dir: Rick Glenn, Niles Heckman)
  • Supine: A Dream  (dir: Lyon Hill)
  • Temma  (dir: Anya Meksin)
  • Territorial  (dir: Santiago C. Tapia, Jessica Curtright)
  • There’s An Octopus In Your Head  (dir: Ari Grabb)
  • Til Death  (dir: Jason Tostevin)
  • Titanadon Vs. Mechamantis  (dir: Adam Ruckersfeldt)
  • Torturous  (dir: Angus Swantee)
  • Transmission  (dir: Jared D. Weiss)
  • Unicorn Wizard  (dir: Jim Turner)
  • Voyage Trekkers – Season 2  (dir: Nathan Blackwell)
  • Watercolors  (dir: Robert Kornstein)
  • Witchfinder  (dir: Colin Clarke)
  • Witch’s Reign  (dir: Elizabeth Hatcher)
  • With Paper Hands  (dir: Sarah Plonski)
  • The Zombie Lawyer Commercials  (dir: Matthew Mcgahren)
  • Zombie Socks   (dir: Elizabeth Stacy)

Feature Films

In the coming days, we’ll slip information on each film onto the site. Come back for info and screening times.

Tweets from 07-12-2013 to 07-18-2013

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Selections Are Finished

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We have selected the films for the 2013 Dragon*Con Film Festival, and it is a great slate. All notifications have been sent, and we will be announcing the films to the public soon.

Announce Date: June 26

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Somethings just can’t be rushed, so I am pushing back our Announce Date to June 26. We will contact everyone.

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