1. QUESTION: Is this a juried festival?  Are there awards?
ANSWER: Yes. Your films will be placed in voting categories and a jury will determine awards.  There is a cash award for the “best in fest.”.
2. QUESTION: My movie has swearing in it. Will you still consider it?
ANSWER: Yes. Language is not a problem.
3. QUESTION: My movie has nudity, sexual situations, etc. Will you still consider it?
ANSWER: Yes. Adult situations, themes, etc. are not a problem.
4. QUESTION: My movie isn’t horror, or my movie isn’t science fiction, or my movie isn’t fantasy? Will you still consider it?

ANSWER: Yes. We accept films from all kinds of genres including: Mysteries, Thrillers, Film Noirs, Comedies, Alt Lifestyle, Slip Stream/Magical Realism, Surrealistic films, Acton, and parodies, just to name a few, as well as short Animated films of all types.

5. QUESTION: I used copyrighted music in my film. Is that a problem?
ANSWER: Yes, it’s a problem. You need to have the rights to all music in your film. Check with the music’s publisher. Often, festival rights are very inexpensive.
6. QUESTION: I used characters from other films in my movie. Is that a problem?
ANSWER: Maybe, maybe not. If your film can be called a “parody,” then you can legally make use of a great deal. It’s your responsibility to make sure that your film does not violate anyone’s copyright.
7. QUESTION: My finances are low. Can you make an exception for me and eliminate/reduce the submission fee?
ANSWER: Sorry, we can’t do it. To be fair, we have to treat everyone equally.
8. QUESTION: Can I send you my film for you to look at, and if you accept it into the festival, then I’ll pay the submission fee?
ANSWER: Sorry. See the answer to question 6.
9. QUESTION: I sent my film in over a week ago or more, and Withoutabox doesn’t have it listed as being in consideration yet. Did you receive it? Should I send another?

ANSWER: Patience is a virtue. Each film comes in to our office where financial bookkeeping is done. After “enough” films are received at the office, they are sent on to the selection committee. When a member of the committee checks that your disk is playable, then Withoutabox is updated. If you entered through WAB, we have a record of your submission.  You do not need to contact us.

10. QUESTION: This is a shorts festival. What’s the deal with features?
Can I submit my feature?
ANSWER: Yes, we are a shorts festival, but everyone loves a feature. So, we are accepting a limited number of features. Yes, this is a limited number.Additionally, while we now give a 1st place Features award, features are not eligible for the Best in Fest award. Submit features through Withoutabox in the same manner as you would submit a short.
11. QUESTION: What are your screening formats?
ANSWER: We video project from DVD or digital media player.  That means we can screen your movie in high def in a variety of video formats.
12. QUESTION: I have a digibeta copy of my film. Can you use that?
ANSWER: No. See 11
13. QUESTION: But my film only truly looks right when seen on ultra-digi-mini-tape format. Surely you can make an exception for my film?
ANSWER: No. See 11

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