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 Short Film Festival ◊ 2009 ◊ Films: Features

While The Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival is primarily a shorts fest, we choose a small number of independent features each year. Since we screen so few, we make sure they are ones not to be missed. These films are shown out of competition

For 2009 you'll see quirky vampires running an advertising agency, an animated train making its way over a post-apocalyptic Hellscape, a zombie flesh-eating intervention, and an examination of myth.


The Death of Alice Blue

And You Thought You Had a Dead End Job
Something strange is going on behind the doors of Raven Advertising. It's Alice Blue's first day on the job and already she has set her sights on creating an impressive ad campaign for an important American wine company not to mention the agency's top creative director, Stephen. However the Agency has other plans for her.

Reluctantly she befriends a group of co-workers who call themselves "The Resistance" led by one lovelorn chap named Peter. Peter is convinced something very sinister is at work at Raven and Alice is somehow the key to unraveling the mystery.

With the help of The Resistance, Alice discovers ancient secrets and her own genetic predisposition to being a vampire. But in the end, despite the powerful forces allied against her, Alice will abide by no ones rules but her own.

Written/Directed by Park Bench. Produced by Alex Appel.


From Inside

We All Fall Down
Based on the epic graphic novel by John Bergin, From Inside is the tale of Cee, a young pregnant woman who finds herself on a damaged train slowly transcribing its way across a bleak, apocalyptic landscape. Flood, war, starvation, and a plague of death threaten the train's passengers. Cee struggles through these dangers while coping with the memory of her lost husband and the imminent birth of her child.

Written & Directed by John Bergin. Produced by John Bergin & Brian McNelis.


George's Intervention

9 out of 10 interventions are successful... This is the 1
George’s friends have gathered for an intervention… George’s intervention. You see, George is a zombie. And his friends are hoping to convince him to stop eating people and to enter 'zombie rehab'. With the help of a professional interventionist, George’s friends confront George regarding his 'addiction'.

But, over the course of the night, George’s friends begin to disappear. Have they given up hope that the intervention will be successful? Or have they become dinner?

Following in the tradition of such critically acclaimed cult smashes as Shaun of the Dead and Dead and Breakfast, George’s Intervention takes a unique and darkly comic view of the world of the undead.

Written by JT Seaton & Brad C. Hodson. Directed by JT Seaton. Produced by JT Seaton, Brad C. Hodson, & David Nicholson. 


Mythic Journeys

Will you know who you are when you die or will death have to tell you?
Mythic Journeys is a multi-layered masterpiece; a unique fusion of documentary, animation and story. Interviews are interwoven with multicultural artwork and a Hi-Def stop-motion adaptation of an ancient tale where a noble king is charged with the grim task of delivering a corpse to a mysterious sorcerer. Showing how mythology and story can change the world, award-winning filmmakers Steven & Whitney Boe engage the audience with a thought-provoking, unpretentious, and often humorous style that captures the essence of what it is to be human. Mythic Journeys boldly affirms, "Every life is a story and that story can change the world."

Featuring the work of Brian and Wendy Froud, Michael Granberry and the voices of Tim Curry, Mark Hamill, and Lance Henriksen.

Written, Directed and Produced by Steven & Whitney Boe.






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