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  Short Film Festival ◊ 2010 ◊ Submitting Your Film 

Our submission period for 2010 is now closed.  We are considering the entries and will announce the selected films on this site in the next month. 

For filmmakers that have submitted, there are a few notes for you below.  Also take a look at our FAQ.



We focus each year on showcasing the finest independent short films of the fantastic.  We welcome not only Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror films, but any film of the imagination that steps out of the slice-of-life category.  This includes Mysteries, Thrillers, Film Noirs, Comedies, Alt Lifestyle, Slip Stream/Magical Realism, Asian influenced, Surrealistic films, and most dramas, just to name a few, as well as short animated films of all types.  We take narrative shorts as well as documentaries. We also accept a limited number of features.

The lowdown: We take good films on any topic except slice-of-life.  If your film is about two people sitting at a coffee house talking about their problems (and their problems have to do with bill-paying or a nagging mother), then this isn't the festival for you.  Otherwise, this is the place.

The Independent Film Festival is mainly for shorts (under 60 minutes), however, we do screen a small number of features; features compete for a 1st Place in Features award, but not for Best of Fest. Features should be submitted the same way as shorts.



Submission Format

Entries must be submitted on DVD (preferred) or VHS videotape (½" at SP 2-hr speed) in NTSC format. Foreign-language work must be dubbed or subtitled in English. 

The lowdown: Tapes do not show your film to its best advantage.  So, make a DVD if possible.  Now, there are lots of encoding tricks involved with making a DVD.  Don't use any.  Make a disk that is playable on every DVD player—it makes you look professional.  Find a friend who has a player from 1997 and test your disk in that.  If it doesn't work, re-encode that disk.  Also, mark your name and email address on the disk itself.   

Oh, and invest in some full size or thin DVD cases.  Jewel cases are for your press kit.  And to afford those cases, save money on shipping.  You don't need to send a paper press kit with your film.  Trust me, no film festival director, anywhere, looks at them.  I've spoken to many directors and none of us care about anything except your film until after we accept it.



Extended Deadline:  May 28, 2010

The lowdown: OK, so you missed even the late deadline. No matter, you can still make the extended deadline—but don't put off entering another moment. You must use withoutabox.com for your submission during the extended period. 


Entry Form

The Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival prefers online entries submitted via www.withoutabox.com, which provides cost-saving, paperless submission to film festivals around the world.

Withoutabox’s internet-only submission platform features online applications via one master entry form, online fee payments, press kits, and the option to use Secure Online Screeners, an economical, eco-friendly, and secure alternative to traditional hard-copy DVD submissions. Fill out one master entry form and take advantage of quick entry, extended deadlines, and powerful submission management tools. There’s no extra cost to you, and by submitting, you’ll join Withoutabox’s global filmmaker community and stay in the loop about international exhibition opportunities. Click to submit your film today!



Entry Fee

Your submission must include the film (on DVD or VHS), a submission form (using withoutabox), and a submission fee ($55).  However, if you "upgrade" your project on www.withoutabox.com, you get a $15 discount—so that's the way to go).  You can pay online, or include a check or money order with your film, made out to "Dragon*Con, Inc."

The lowdown: OK, so you missed the deadline.  That means it costs you a few dollars more than if you'd gotten your submission to us before May 21st.  But you didn't, and if you think your film is something that is going to interest us, then it's worth the extra price.  And if you upgrade -- and really, if you're submitting to more than a few festivals, you should upgrade anyway, the cost is no more than if you'd beaten the deadlines.



Cost of shipping is the responsibility of the entrant. Screener & exhibition copies (if the two are not the same) must be sent to the festival prepaid. The festival cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of materials while in transit. DVDs/tapes will NOT be returned. Please protect your DVD/tape with a plastic case, and label it with your name and address, your email address, and the film's title and running time (and your Withoutabox tracking number if you used the online entry form). 

Mail your entry to: 

Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival 
PO Box 16459
Atlanta, GA 30321-0459


If you pay the entry fee online, so that you are only mailing the film, you may send it directly to the festival director; this gets your film in the hands of the selection committee faster.  In that case, the address is: 

Matthew M. Foster 
2860 Georgian Manor Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30022

However, you MUST pay the fee online to use this option.


Selection and Notification

All submissions will be examined by our selection committee and you will be notified if your film has (or has not) been chosen to be screened during the Festival via email.

Selected films are screened throughout the four-day event.  We reserve the right to screen your film more than once.


Judging & Awards

This is a juried festival.  All selected films were evaluated by our panel of judges. 

Awards will be presented for 1st place in each category, including features.  Specific categories will be determined based on the entries, but in the last 3 years, they have included: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller, Contemporary, Horror, Horror Comedy, Comedy, Parody, Magical Realism, Documentary, Animated Comedy, Animated Horror, and Animated Fantasy & Science Fiction.

We also present a Best of Fest (Live Action) and a Best of Fest—Animation awards.  These awards are chosen from the 1st Place winners in each category (excluding features).  This award comes with a $500 cash prize. 


Attending Filmmakers

While you do not have to attend Dragon*Con for your film to be selected, we are always happy for our filmmakers to attend.  It gives you a chance to speak about your film, and we'd love to meet you.  Acceptance of your film grants you one pass to Dragon*Con (which allows you access to all screenings, all panels, all concerts, the dealers room, the art show, and all dances (and that is only a partial list). Information on purchasing "memberships" for your friends can be found here


Panels and Programming

Filmmakers attending the event may elect to participate on panels geared for independent filmmakers. If you are interested in appearing on panels, please contact Matthew M. Foster. Sooner would be better as we have many filmmakers and only a limited number of panelist slots.



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