Panels & Discussions

All panels in the Hyatt Fairlie unless noted



10:00am — Pre-Production: Planning is Key
Good planning can set up a smooth shoot that finishes on time and on budget. Seasoned producers tell you how to make that happen for you.
Presenters: Aron Siegel, Jessica Imoto Harney, Thomas Michael Gofton, Debbie Jo Hess


11:30 am — How NOT to Make a Movie: Filmmaking Horror Stories and Near-Death Experiences
Your drone was peeping in the wrong window. Your director was arrested. Your pyrotechnics burnt down a landmark… We’ve seen worse.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


1:00 pm — Sound: Often Overlooked But Essential
Viewers can put up with bad visuals, but not with bad sound. Hear advice on capturing good sound on set and making it better in post.
Presenters: Aron Siegel, Cooper Andrews


1:00 pm — The Opening of the DCIS Film Festival
Your starting place for 4 days of film. Get the rundown on what’s going to happen. And see who wins the Spirit of Dragon Con award.
[rm: The Learning Center]


2:30 pm — Screenwriting: Telling Stories for the Screen
What stories make good films? How can you best put those stories on paper? Successful writers will give you their tips.
Presenters: Stephen L. Antczak, Thomas Michael Gofton, Crystle Clear Roberson, Al Hess


4:00 pm — The Near-Future of Film: Tech and Magic
It’s been an amazing year for film and media tech. We’ll demonstrate some of the latest advancements and talk about what comes next.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


5:30 pm — The Art of the Documentary
The filmmakers behind 3 remarkable documentaries (on Fan Films, eSports, & a Star Wars poster artist) explain how they succeeded, and how you could.
Presenters: John Hudgens, Charles Ricciardi, Erica Landrock


7:00 pm — Stop Motion Animation with Doctor Puppet
The team behind Doctor Puppet (Doctor Who as a puppet) will show how they create their animated series.
Presenters: Alisa Stern, Rachel Gitlevich



10:00 am — Film Festival Filmmakers Meet & Greet
For our Film Festival filmmakers: Bring your stories and meet your colleagues, promote your work, and make contacts.
Sat 11:30 am — Film Financing: Selling Your Marrow or Getting Someone Else to
The tricks and uncomfortable truths to financing your film, be it selling little peaces of yourself or crowd funding.
Presenters: Robert Scott Crane, Kelly Slagle


1:00 pm — Animation Mastery
Stop motion, Hand drawn, CG. Our film festival animators explain how they produced their films.
Presenters: Alisa Stern, Joanna Davidovich, Keith Carter, Mike Fisher, Raymond Carr


2:30 pm — Director: Captain of the Film
Tips on working with actors and crew, choosing the right projects, and communicating your vision to the team.
Presenters: Matt Green, Bryan Young, Crystle Clear Roberson


4:00 pm — Filming for Visual Effects Part 1: We’ll Fix it in Post
There’s a special hell for filmmakers who overuse, under plan, or just plain screw up Visual Effects shots. Find balance here.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


5:30 pm — Filming for Visual Effects Part 2: We Can’t Fix it in Post
The tech available to even the lowest of budget filmmakers is impressive to say the least. We’ll demo the key tools and techniques
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


5:30 pm — The Art of Cinematography
The beautiful imagery on the screen is the result of a good deal of artistry and a massive amount of skill. We’ll discuss it in all its facets.
[rm The Learning Center]


8:30 pm — The Top 10 Fantasy Films of All Time
What makes a great fantasy film? Does LOTRs belong at the top? or The Princess Bride? Conan the Barbarian? Be prepared to fight for your favorites.
Presenter: John L. Flynn
[rm The Learning Center]



10:00 am — No Budget Filmmaking
Broke, but can’t quell the movie-making urge? Here’s how to use favors, cheat, and get stuff for free to make something that’s worth watching.
Presenters: Aron Siegel, Crystle Clear Roberson, Jus Riddick(M), Debbie Jo Hess


11:30 am — Fan Films: Batman vs Star Wars vs Doctor Who
Our fan film makers and experts will discuss their projects and how they fit into the world of fan films.
Presenters: John Hudgens(M), Alisa Stern, Hisonni Johnson


Sun 01:00 pm — Advice For Filmmakers
We’ve gathered experts in all areas of filmmaking: directing, producing, sound, tech, editing, FX makeup, acting. Come with your questions.
Presenters: Matt Green, Jeffrey J. Ello, Aron Siegel, Robert Scott Crane


Sun 02:30 pm — Making A Post-Apocalyptic Film
How do you create a destroyed world and still keep it fresh and exciting? Why do it? Our masters of the P-A film will explain it all.
Presenters: Robert Scott Crane, Zoe Taylor


4:00 pm — Web Series – How They Did It and How You Could Too
Our panel of varied and accomplished web series creators tell how they made it work, what to avoid, and what comes next.
Presenters: Alisa Stern, Debbie Jo Hess, Elizabeth Stacey


5:30 pm — Making Independent Films, Damn It!
Our most independent of indie filmmakers will discuss how they do it their way, and how you should do it yours.
Presenters: Lloyd Kaufman, Robert Scott Crane



10:00 am — Best Gear for the Independent Filmmaker
You can get amazing shots without spending a bundle. We’ve assembled some of the best bangs for the buck.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello


10:00 am — Film Festival Filmmaker Discussion
Everyone is invited to our festival filmmakers’ no holds bared discussion: How to make films and festivals better and how to get into a festival.
[rm: Regency V;   2½ Hours]


11:30 am — Make Good Editing Choices
How do you draw the best movie out of that pile of video and audio files? Experienced filmmakers give you their tips.
Presenters: Thomas Michael Gofton, Ricky Hess


1:00 pm — Film Festival Awards
The presentation of the 2014 Dragon Con Independent Short Film Festival awards.
[rm: Regency V]


2:30 pm — Camera and Lighting: Shooting Like a Pro
From cell phones to cinema cameras, Vines to features, the principles for getting great looking footage are the same. Learn how to film like a pro.
Presenters: Hunter Cressall, Jeffrey J. Ello

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