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Writers/Director: Zach Parrish

Bananas is a humorous short story of a test subject monkey, named Bruce. The story explores the urges of greed. Bruce really wants a banana. But, when he is given a banana, he wants more. The story explores just how far Bruce will go to satisfy his greedy desires.

2 min


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Writer/Director: Sharon Colman; Producer: Jamie Wolpert

Nominated for the 2006 Academy Award, Badgered is the story of a Eurasian badger who only wants to be left in peace so he can nap.  If only he can get the crows, and the military, to leave him alone.

7 min


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Writer/Director: Christopher Keller; Producers: Christopher Keller, David Rodriguez, Matthew Klawitter

John, the chief suspect in a criminal investigation, finds himself in a hospital with amnesia. Doctors Crenvalt and Utterborg are charged with helping John regain his memory. When John claims that he is from another planet, one doctor thinks he’s lying to avoid prosecution, and the other thinks he may be mentally ill. A nurse, who has more at stake than meets the eye, is willing to risk everything to make sure that John doesn’t get away with murder in this sci-fi mind bender.  Staring James Denton (Desperate Housewives).
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16 min

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Writers: Jennifer Niemeyer, Shane English, Wojciech Lorenc; Producer: Jennifer Niemeyer; Director: Wojciech Lorenc

A young man’s quest for a condom turns strangely surreal as he is bothered by an army of supermarket sellers soliciting their products. If he doesn’t outsmart them on time he will lose his chance with a beautiful girl waiting in his apartment. Will he make it on time? And what surprise will he find once he arrives?

9 min

The Analyst’s Goodbye

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Writer/Producer/Director: Michael Simon

An stock analyst is having the worst day of his life and heads to a dive bar to drink himself to death.  Getting fired, divorced and losing custody of his daughter on the same day, send him on a tail spin.  The bar is deserted: no bartender, no customers.  After helping himself to a shot of Jack Daniels the analyst encounters the territorial bartender.  She is a life worn woman with many stories to tell and lessons to teach.  The analyst will have to decide if he will say “goodbye” to his life forever or be taken over by the bartender’s influences.

14 min

Devil’s Rose

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Writer/Director: Erahm Christopher; Producers: Erahm Christopher, John C. Pohl

In a dismal town, Daniel, a lonely bicycle deliveryman with a scarred face, says nothing to the beautiful Rose, unaware that they share the same longing to bury a troubled past and flee the small town life. When a dark rain falls on the town, a devilish gentleman proposes to make Daniel attractive so he may satisfy his needs. Daniel agrees to the accord and gives the stranger freewill to decide his fate and ultimately collect his soul. There are no coincidences in life, only unintended consequences.
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18 min

Danger Zone

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Writer/Director: Dylan Keeling; Producer: Joseph Alberti

Jerry, a shy man in his early 30s, has a problem.  He has retreated into a private world.  Oh, and his penis has started to grow.  A lot.  At first he was a little pleased, but the problem has become unbearable. All his social interactions are affected, particularly his date with Reanne, a young lady from work. Sometimes, size does matter, and two heads are not always better than one.

12 min


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Writer/Producer/Director: Chris Barfoot

DEATH is but a doorway…

Imagine if you could navigate the ancient corridors of your ancestral DNA.

Imagine if you possessed the ability to leave your physical body behind.

Imagine if you were David, for he was such a man!
The first time was an accident!  The next time they pushed him to do it!

Now, it might be impossible to get back! His uncanny ability is soon revealed as a clinically controlled process designed to transport him to a specific point in history.  Stars Prunella Scales of Fawlty Towers.

20 min

Hazel’s Hips

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Writer: Oscar Brown Jr.; Producer: Brandon Schultz; Director: Kobina Yankah

Sultry waitress Hazel is a balm to every males eyes and grist to their fantasies.  Hazel’s Hips is a music video for one of  jazz vocalist Oscar Brown Jr.’s most famous songs.

3 min


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Writer/Director: D. Christopher Weidner; Producer: Shawn Hunter

A lonely, quiet stretch of wooded Texas back road. A car appears on the horizon and passes revealing the words “Just Married” written in shoe polish on the rear window. The Bride stirs and smiles at her husband but her smile soon fades. The reality of it all suddenly begins to sink in and unforeseen questions about their future begin to surface as doubt. Doubt turns to sadness. Sadness turns to fear. Unfortunately for these two youthful lovers, some fears are more real than others. And tonight, on this dark, Texas back road, their eternal love will be put to deadly test. Tonight, “till death do us part” is only the beginning…

7 min

Never Live Above a Psychic

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Writer/Producer/Director: Steve Gentile

A man battles his disruptive downstairs neighbors: a family of telekinetic psychics. After complaining about the pervasive noise, broken glass, and bent spoons, the psychic children wage a campaign of levitation which leaves their upstairs neighbor’s apartment—and nerves—in a shambles. In retaliation, the man proceeds to glue, screw, nail, and staple every item in the house, effectively nullifying the psychic family’s powers. Fearing a curse upon their home, they flee. Peace for the upstairs man? Hardly.

9 min

Strange Aeons, The Thing on the Doorstep

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Directed by Eric Morgret, Written by K.L. Young.

The halls of Miskatonic University have echoed for many years with the footsteps of some of society’s most vile trespassers. From Herbert West, ReAnimator, to Crawford Tillinghast’s horrors From Beyond, the school has certainly seen its share of evil.  But now a new student walks these halls, and her very presence threatens to unravel the fabric of sanity itself.

Dan Upton is a professor of Primitive Religions at Miskatonic and Edward Derby is his protégé.  Enter Asenath Waite, the daughter of Upton’s former mentor.  Asenath shares her father’s thirst for arcane knowledge, and an even darker gift.

When Edward is taken, body and mind by Asenath, Upton must resort to the blackest magic in order to save his friend, his family, and even himself. But the Dark Arts exact a heavy toll. What must Upton sacrifice to save those closest to him?

It will screen as part of our Sunday Late Night H.P. Lovecraft Fest, at 1:30 AM in the Learning Center.

The Maid

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Written & directed by Kelvin Tong

Legend has it during the Seventh month on the Chinese calendar, the gates of hell open and the dead rise to walk the Earth. There are rules people must follow for 30 days in order to survive. Break them and you face the haunting consequences of your actions.

Rosa (Alessandra de Rossi) arrives in Singapore to work as a domestic maid. Naïve and innocent, she is a non-believer in the supernatural world and ultimately breaks the rules, one by one. Now she will understand that the spirits should never be disturbed.

The Maid is writer/director Kelvin Tong’s first horror film and stars award-winning Italian-Filipino actress Alessandra de Rossi, who has won two FAMAS Best Supporting Actress awards at the Metro Manila Filmfest. She also earned a Best Actress Award at the Gawad Urian Awards for her role in the film Mga Munting Tinig (Small Voices), which was the Philippines’ official entry at the 75th Annual Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language Film category.

Lady Vengeance

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Directed by Chan-wook Park, Written by Seo-Gyeong Jeong, Chan-wook Park.

Payback is a Bitch

An eye for an eye would make the whole world blind… So be it.  From the director of the critically acclaimed films Oldboy, and Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance, comes the highly anticipated Lady Vengeance, the third and final film in his inimitable Vengeance Trilogy.

After being wrongfully convicted of kidnapping and murdering a child, a beautiful young woman (Lee Young-ae) is imprisoned for 13 years.  While in prison she gains the respect and loyalty of her fellow cellmates, all the while plotting her vendetta on the man responsible (Oldboy’s Choi Min-Sik).  Upon her release, she sets in motion an elaborate plan of retribution, but what she discovers is a truth so horrifying, even revenge doesn’t seem punishment enough.


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Written and Directed by Christopher Folino.

Gamers is a comedy about the lives of four hapless friends (and one obsessive interloper) and how they evolve over a 23-year span. It centers on a single day when they are about to break a world record for hours spent role-playing a game called DND, or Demons, Nymphs, and Dragons. The sacrifice, the obsession, the blind dedication… This is their true story.

Featuring performances by John Heard, Beverly D’Angelo, William Katt, and Kelly LeBrock, as well as the voices of Michael Bell and Richard Blade.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 11:30 PM in the Learning Center.

Dork of the Rings

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Directed by Timothy Alan Richardson. Written by Timothy Alan Richardson, Michael Kouroubetes, James Pickens.

It began with the forging of the Dork-mart Credit Cards.

Three were given to the Elfises, musical, good-looking…flashiest of all beings. Five were given to the Dweeb Lords, great programmers and porn surfers in their parents’ basements. And four were bestowed upon the race of guys, who above all others, love to buy stuff.   But they were all suckers.

In the land of Lardor, in the stuffy offices of Bank Boom, the Dark Executive of Dork-mart, Lord Mauron, forged a Master Card…er, a Master Ring, to control all others. Circular credit. Endless in its power.

Ummm.  Suffice it to say that the story goes on like that for a while.  In the end, The One Ring came into the possession of a drunken Throbbit named Bobo Buggins who, upon finding it, stuck it down his trousers next to his ‘precious.’  And so the fate of Muddle-Earth came to rest in the crotch of a twit.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 1:00 AM in the Learning Center, immediately following the Parody and Fan Film shorts block.

Forgiving The Franklins

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Written and directed by Jay Floyd

There’s More Than One Way To Be Born Again

Our premiere screening in 2006 was Jay Floyd’s masterpiece, Forgiving the Franklins.  This crowd favorite at SunDance is wonderfully twisted, sexy, and more fun then you’ve had at the theater in a long time.

Forgiving The Franklins is the sometimes hilarious, sometimes tragic story of a repressed, God fearing southern family who undergo a radical spiritual change putting them at odds with the conservative values of their community

The Franklins are a stereotypical North Carolina Family: Frank is a lawyer, Betty is a homemaker, and the high school-age kids, Caroline and Brian, are a cheerleader and a football star, respecttively.  An auto accident turns their world upsdie down.  In a state somewhere between life and death, Frank, Betty, and Brian meet Christ who, for reasons known only to him, removes from them the burden of Origional Sin.  Left out of the equation is Caroline who, in the throes of adolescence and real bodily pain from her injuries, must figure out why her family has suddenly and ravenously embraced their repressed sexuality.

Forgiving The Franklins may upset some, while the most adventurous will find it funny, sexy, and unforgettable.

Sunday, Sept 3 at 8:30 PM in the International Ballroom South

Alone and Inhuman

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Writers/Producers: Andrew Fisher, Leonid Mandel; Director: Leonid Mandel

Alone and Inhuman is part horror flick, part absurdist comedy, and part fable. It tells the story of an evil farmer who raises puppets for their feces and then sells it as a date rape drug. It’s your basic Puppetshit redemption tale.

When the evil farmer tosses a freshly dead puppet into his wood chipper the proverbial straw breaks the pachyderm’s spine and Scuttlebutt (leader of the puppets) is forced to take action. He pleads his fellow captives to follow him into battle against the man who has enslaved them.
(Web Site)

13 min

Scentsory Design®

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Writer/Producer/Director: Jenny Tillotson

Scentsory Design® is a film that explores the fusion of ‘Emotional Fashion’ with health and olfaction science, to create a new concept in perfumery. It is a multi-sensory journey describing the future of fashion and fragrance that goes beyond current microencapsulated techniques, through the inclusion of body sensors and microfluidics that sense and respond to psychological and environmental changes. Inspired by the human body’s circulation system and the defense mechanism in bombardier beetles, the purpose is to produce an ‘aroma rainbow’ around the user, that changes with emotion.

6 min

2006 Film Festival Awards

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Best Short Film: Oculus
Best Animated Film: Dragon
Honorable Mention: The Call of Cthulhu

Category finalists:

Animated Comedy

1st Place: Hazel’s Hips
Mercury Inspection
Uh-Oh: A Brief Encounter

Animated Fantasy

1st Place: Dragon
If I Had a Hammer
The Toll

Animated Horror

1st Place: From Beyond
The Masque of Ollock
The Pit and the Pendulum


1st Place: The Wright Stuff
And Now a Word from Our Sponsors


1st Place: Pulp Fiction Art: Cheap Thrills and Painted Nightmares
Cannes Do
The Curling Stones


1st Place: The Analyst’s Goodbye
Earthly Things


1st Place: The Greatest Story of All Time
Crooked Mick of the Speewah
Devil’s Rose


1st Place: Oculus
The Call of Cthulhu
The Mamtsotsi Bird

Horror Comedy

1st Place: Raven Gets a Life
Danger Zone
The Sparkle Lite Motel


1st Place: Bon Appetit
The Injured StormTrooper
Uh Oh Betty

Science Fiction

1st Place: Helix
The Key


1st Place: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Peer Choice: Grace
Peer Choice—For Attending Filmmaker: Tell-Tale Art

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