Animated Surrealism


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Directed by Aurelio Voltaire

The skeleton of a rat-monkey comes to life in a room full of cursed objects in this Gothic tale with a sci-fi twist. Narrated by electro-Goth rocker, Gary Numan.
This is the 5th film in Aurelio Voltaire’s award-winning “Chimerascope” series of animated, experimental films. See the other four films at

6 min

5 Minutes Each

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Written/Directed/Produced by Vojin Vosovic

5 Minutes Each is a metaphorical story about the constant struggle of the artist to reach those five minutes of limelight. A tale about an upswing and downfall, with the climax appearing concurrently and unexpectedly. The hermetical life of artists, who are enclosed into their own world of ideas, striving to create the epochal masterpiece. Even if they succeed, the image they create is the reflection of themselves. And with the same fervor, they repeat the process in endless cycles.

10 min

Lost And Found

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Written/Produced by Lost and Found Productions; Directed by Lee Crowe

Made by multiple animators, each creating his or her own sequence with a mysterious strongbox as the connecting theme.

7 min

Playing For Keeps

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Written/Directed by Dylan Hayes

Lesson 1: everyone gambles but not everyone loses.
Lesson 2: the world is full of traps
Lesson 3: you cannot win if you don’t take risks

9 min


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Directed/Produced by Patrick Smith

Begun as an audio experiment, Masks illustrates modern exploitation, production and consumption in animated terms. In Masks the audio came first, thus all images exist to tell the musical story, instead of the typical method of scoring music after animation has been completed. In this manner, Masks projects itself as a musical interpretation, a contemporary and disturbing version of the Disney formula of Fantasia.

8 min

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