The Wright Stuff

Writer/Producer/Director: Ford Austin

When the Wright Brothers are called upon by the president of the united states to fight ‘evil doers’, they fly to his aid and go on many amazing adventures while remaining grounded with their lucrative bike repair business. Relentlessly hilarious!

20 min

That’s My Baby

Writer: Staci Bernstein; Producer: David Bernstein; Director: Staci Simpson

That’s My Baby is a lighthearted look at maternal instincts gone awry. When two women in a park both lay claim to the same child, tempers flare and the fight is on. Though neither seems to have a strong grasp of parenting, both toss their conflict to the wind when the child’s safety is threatened. Who is the real mother? Could the child have two mothers? What’s best for the child? Assumptions about child ownership and child rearing are a gentile undercurrent in this frolicking physical comedy.

10 min

Sound Of Slyness

Writer: Diane Ruggiero; Producer: Darya Danesh, Freeman White; Director: Mikki Willis

Marty comes home to find his wife, Vivian…distracted.  She had hired a private investigator to spy on him.  Now she has the evidence of his philandering. When confronted by audio surveillance of he and his mistress, Marty resorts to “creative storytelling” as an attempt to explain.

10 min

Miss Perfect

Writer/Director: Gary DeJidas; Producer: Katharine Leis

Valerie has it all. Looks, talent, intelligence, and a brand new contract as the Essence of Chicken Fragrance model. What more could a girl want? Problem is, her best friend Charlotte, and ex-boyfriend Jeremy become more angry the better her life gets. A tale of opportunity, envy, and reality.

17 min


Writer/Producer/Director: Raygan Henley

In a room alone, a writer searches for inspiration, but when wit runs dry, he releases his frustration on a little house fly. The house fly dodges his blows. It eludes him and torments him, as did his lack of inspiration. The writer’s feelings are resolved only upon the death of the fly which rekindles the fire of words in his mind.  We’ve all been at a loss for words. Whether writing something for self expression or writing a paper for work or school. And like the chase for a house fly, sometimes, what we need is a little passionate distraction.

9 min


Writers: Dan Eckman, Dominic Dierkes; Producer: Meggie McFadden; Director: Dan Eckman

Black Shadow, a recently graduated ninja assassin, returns home from his training to begin his career; however, due to the tight job market, he is forced to take on a job as a stockboy at the local grocery. Mike and Drew, two fraternity brothers, hop from convenience store to convenience store exploring the competitive side of the “beer run.” And Janitor Joe goes to great extremes to prove to everyone at the grocery store that he can, in fact, be a “creepy janitor” as these three seemingly disparate storylines converge in a large-scale grocery store fiasco.
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20 min

And Now a Word from Our Sponsors

Writers: Jennifer Niemeyer, Shane English, Wojciech Lorenc; Producer: Jennifer Niemeyer; Director: Wojciech Lorenc

A young man’s quest for a condom turns strangely surreal as he is bothered by an army of supermarket sellers soliciting their products. If he doesn’t outsmart them on time he will lose his chance with a beautiful girl waiting in his apartment. Will he make it on time? And what surprise will he find once he arrives?

9 min

Blood of the Cross

Writer/Producer/Director: Todd Lubitsch

So you’re Jesus, but what you really want to do is direct. Sure, being Jesus is difficult, but try shooting a film with no money. It’s a struggle to keep his crew together while staying in character. He’s truly a director with a messiah complex. Blood of the Cross… for those seeking direction.
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12 min

The Love Box

Writer: Ira Nayman; Producer/Director: Christopher Cordell

The Love Box is a comedy that follows the struggle of Samuel (Mathew Lemche) as he meets his girlfriend Poppie’s (Caroline Lesley) family for the first time. A normally daunting task that is further complicated by the fact that Poppie’s parents own the largest family run, adult intimacy store (porn shop) in the world. Samuel is forced to deal with an androgynous sibling, porn star dinner guests, and a crash sex-ed course by Poppie’s father.
The Love Box reminds us all that it’s not what we are but who we are that truly matters in life.

23 min

Monster Job Hunter

Writer/director: Yehudi Mercado; Producer: Arnie Reyes

Monster Job Hunter is about a man/child rising to the occasion and becoming the hero he only dreams to be in his world of video games. Morgan Aquinaldo is out-of-work, emasculated by his wife, socially awkward, and is about to experience the job interview from hell.

9 min

Osama Bin Latte

Writers: Ross Marroso, Greg Hildebrandt; Producer: Greg Hildebrandt; Director: Ross Marroso

It’s Terrorism vs. commercialism in Osama Bin Latte, a political satire on the making of one of the Taliban’s internet videos as though it was shot with a professional production crew in America. A case of Mid-East meets Mid-West and everyone will be lucky to get out alive.

13 min

The Time Machine

Writer/Director: Ben Joseph; Producers: Andrew Corkin

Everyone remembers his or her first time—the uncertainty, the awkwardness, the brevity… Jesse and his girlfriend just consummated their relationship and, as Jesse quickly learns, there are no do-overs in bed. That is, of course, unless you just happen to have a genius younger brother with a fully operational time machine at your disposal. Now, Jesse must travel back in time two hours to save himself from, well, himself. Will Jesse be able to salvage his first (and hopefully not last) experience with carnal relations? Will his own past self get in his way? What if HE screws up? Who will be there to stop him? The answer to all these questions, and more, in The Time Machine!

6 min

The Whistler

Writers/Director: Avram Dodson; Producers: Priya Sircar, Charles Mulford.

Who was that masked man? What difference does it make when we all wear a mask? Well, since you asked, he’s called The Whistler, and he whistles a carefree tune. Or he did. Now his mask is slipping, his whistle dry. But Professor Crime doesn’t stop for existential angst. Looks like our hero picked the wrong day for an identity crisis.

11 min

Safety First: the Rise of Women!

Writer/Producer/Director: Mac Kelly.

The most depraved safety film ever made in the history of the motion picture industry.

Boobs, bums, buffoons and high-rise safety converge in this lecherous romp where women run the office and men run scared. Remember, when an emergency strikes, stay calm! Or else you’ll end up like that stupid man!

“If this film saves just one life or prevents just one twisted ankle, I’ll have done my job.” — Mac Kelly

50 min

Small Talk

Writer/Producer/Director: Chris Rogers.

Small Talk is a comedy about a beautiful woman named Vanessa in search of a night of wild and unabashed fun. Although she is incredibly sexy, seemingly outspoken and may look like the type that would be a regular in the Hollywood scene, she was really quite opposite. After coming across two different guys, Thomas and Casey, she decides to do something she’s never done before. These men meet for the first time, lured by this vixen, into a night that they won’t soon forget.

19 min

Lowenstein’s a Terrorist

Writer/Director: Eric Sieglstein. Producers: Eric Siegelstein, Tony Cohen.

Ted Lowenstein: on the surface, he seems like any other twenty-something living in the city. He has a job he doesn’t like much. He has a tiny apartment, which he shares with a roommate. And his dating life is on a bit of a losing streak. But that all comes to a change when he meets Rachel Reeves, a beautiful young political protester, and her group, the New Jeffersonians. Ted would say anything to impress Rachel. So why has he been brought in for interrogation by Homeland Security? Has his tendency to crack wise finally taken him too far? Or could he actually be involved in a plot to overthrow the U.S. government?

15 min

Over Da Rainbow

Writers: Shawn Kittelsen; Producer/Director: Jay Lap.

Homophobic rap superstar Terrier (pronounced “teh-ree-AY”) is tearing up the charts with the smash hit single “Kill Faggots” off his triple-platinum album hoMOFObic. Despite protests from groups like Homosexuals Organizing a Meaningfully Outed Society (H.O.M.O.S.), homophobia is America’s hottest trend.

Now Terrier plans to reach a wider audience by releasing a single featuring a sample from the deceased king of 80’s hair metal – Max Lightning’s “Teri Why.” But the rights belong to his eccentric homophobe widow, who demands Terrier reunite her with her estranged son, who happens to be the leader of H.O.M.O.S.

20 min


Writers: David Malki, Todd Croak-Falen; Producer: Todd Croak-Falen; Director: David Malki.

When Rudy starts work at A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D., he doesn’t know what to expect. But being handed an AK-47 and asked to shoot any British spies he might see wandering around wasn’t it.

Expendable answers the question of who would give their lives for a supervillain bent on taking over the world. Some of Rudy’s fellow henchmen are ideologically devoted to the evil Igor Tarantula, M.D. But Rudy meets the ones who’re in it for the overtime pay, or who just love killin’ guys. And at least one’s got a fully vested 401(k) and is ready to retire.

We’ve seen plenty of movies about spies. Now, here’s one about all the regular guys they kill.

20 min


Producer: Gregory Hobson; Director: Joel Moffett.

Horsepower is the story of Murray Meadows, a middle aged closeted man who hides from his life as a straight-laced professional automobile critic by immersing himself in internet pornography. This works for Murray until Harold, his eccentric gay boss, tries to help. In rejecting Harold’s advances, Murray triggers a bizarre breakdown in his life- and in his precious automobile. In the end, when all is lost, Murray discovers help from an unlikely source.

17 min

Booth Girls

Writer/Director: Adam Mallinger; Producers: Matt Bolish, Bryce Forester, Jon Peele.

Booth Girls follows bright-eyed Emily during her first day of work as a booth girl at a comics convention, dressed as a comic book super heroine. Throughout the day Emily is faced with crazed fans, leering weirdoes, power-mad staff, and a cast of colorful spokes models, all with their own unique take on working the convention floor as they portray other icons of science fiction and comic books.

10 min