Short Films

3 Stories About Evil

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Writers: Walter Reuben; Producers: Andrew Sachs, Edgar Varela; Director: Michael Frost.

3 Stories About Evil is a narrative short film shot almost entirely with still photographs in 3 different photographic formats. All three stories are very black comedies about family, the media and children’s beauty pageants.

22 min

I Spit On Eli Roth

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Writer/Director: Devi Snively

Friends don’t let friends denigrate the horror genre.

(out of competition)  7 min


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Writers: Wes Young, Ryan Goff, Bob Herron, Randy Foos; Directors: Wes Young, Ryan Goff; Producers: Wes Young, Ryan Goff, Bob Herron, Randy Foos.

The reanimated infestation has reached a crisis point, overwhelming both local law enforcement and federal agencies. Left behind, alone, and abandoned by the authorities, the three survivors must deal with the multitude of ravenous undead just steps behind them.

17 min

The Action Hero’s Guide to Saving Lives

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Writers: Brett Simmons, Opie Cooper; Director: Justin Lutsky; Producer: Justin Lutsky, Clint Carmichael, Keegan Wilcox.

When lives are on the line… When there’s danger at every turn… When clichés run amuck… Sometimes the best thing to do is call Mulligan. Ace Mulligan! No matter how villainous the madman… How numerous the henchmen… How sexy the damsel, one thing is for sure: Ace Mulligan will always come out on top. Sometimes.

Starring Patrick Warburton (The Venture Brothers, Family Guy, The Tick, Men In Black II), The Action Hero’s Guide To Saving Lives takes you behind the scenes of Ace Mulligan’s perilous and not-always-successful mission to stop the bad guys, get the girl, and save the day. It’s not always easy being an action hero.

15 min

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