2010 Dragon*Con Film Festival Awards Announced

Posted in 2010 Film Festival Awards, News on September 11th, 2010

And the award goes to…

Each film was placed into a judging category.  Three films were then chosen by the judges as the finalists in each category, with one going on to be given 1st place.  Below is listed the three finalists and the first place films.

Animated Comedy
1st Place The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas
The Cow Who Wanted to Be a Hamburger
Animated Fantasy
1st Place Yamasong
Bygone Behemoth
Animated Science Fiction
1st Place Tales from the Afternow: Little Rocks
One Small Step
Quantum Quest: A Cassini Space Odyssey
Animated Short-Short
1st Place The Sacrifice
DemiUrge Emesis
1st Place Whaling and the Inherent Dangers Therein
Chase Thompson, a film by Chase Thompson
The Tedious Existence of Terrell B. Howell
Dark Comedy
1st Place Self-Inflicted
Elusive Man
1st Place The Pledge
Conventional Wisdom
1st Place The Tea Master
The Hatter’s Apprentice
Nothin’ Noble
1st Place Sunday Punch
One Night
Taylors Trophy
Magic Realism
1st Place Lorelei
Desert of the Real
1st Place Bottles
The Horseman
1st Place Alice Jacobs is Dead
8 Butterflies
Horror Comedy
1st Place The Necronomicon
Night of the Punks
Written By
Science Fiction
1st Place Mnemosyne Rising
Mister Green
The 3rd Letter
1st Place Doctor ‘S’ Battles the Sex Crazed Reefer Zombies: The Movie
Born of Hope
Pushin’ Up Daisies

A Best Animated Film was chosen from the 1st place winners in the animated categories, and a Best Short Film was chosen from the winners in the live-action short film categories.

Best Animated Film: Yamasong

Best Short Film: Sunday Punch

Finally, four additional awards were presented for films/filmmakers that deserved additional recognition.

Cult Film
Frank DanCoolo: Paranormal Drug Dealer
Honorable Mention
Elusive Man
Spirit of Dragon*Con Comcast Award
Mike Salva/Death Row Diet


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  2. […] humility and goofy joy that we discovered we had been chosen as one of the three finalists in the Animated Fantasy category. The winner was the entirely deserving Yamasong, but we were in there, folks. And most […]

  3. John Wardlaw says:

    Winning the Best Animated Comedy at Dragon*con was an honor. It was awesome just to be part of the film festival. There were so many great films I wish I could have seen them all. Yamasong was amazing, Skylight is a personal favorite from other festivals, Hands off was Hilarious, When Jesus Came To Town had a great Film Noir Feel (And Claudia Christian!!!), Sunday Punch was very Pulp Fiction in style and then of course you have Zombies, Barbie and Voltaire. Of course there are so many more and they were all good.

    I commend all the film makers on a job well done. Great Films everyone!!!

  4. I fitting don´t see movies evolving, For me it´s same the old movies, without the unit bailiwick situation were more change. They had grade.

  5. Ina Franks says:

    […] are humbled by our nomination for Best Horror Comedy at the 2010 Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival!! […]

  6. Oda Sibeto says:

    Now that it is 2011, we can officially say that the Manchester Comedy Festival is this year! Hoorah all round.

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